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A LL during the Almighty Voice episode
/^messengers from other tribes had been
coming into our camp to hold secret conferences
with our chief. Some of the tribes wanted to
rebel and drive the white man off the plains.
These messengers asked our chief to journey to a
certain point and meet the other tribes in a secret
council of war. One of these councils was held,
It is well known to the Assiniboines and Northern
Blackfeet, but it has never been known or re-
corded by the white man. And since some of the
principals are still living, I shall not comment
upon it further. However, some day, when these
old warriors have gone on, I shall write and leave
the story for history. It will surprise many to
learn by just what hairVbreadth the North-West
escaped what would have been the most terrible
massacre in the history of America,

But it was the influence of Niokskatos, head
chief of all the Blackfeet, which persuaded the